7 Reasons Why Tanzania is a Perfect Romantic Getaway



7 Reasons Why Tanzania is a Perfect Romantic Getaway

As soon as the sky starts to turn pink, you know a gorgeous view awaits at the top of the hill. Just a few more steps now.

All day you and your loved one had explored Lake Manyara on a private tour: its colorful villages, hunter-gatherer tribes, and surrounding wild lands. But now you’re on the hunt—the hunt for a sunset.

She squeezes your hand tight. This whole being-in-Africa-together thing has really brought you closer. As you two reach the top of the hill, a sweeping view of this ancient lakebed unfurls before you for miles, a canvas of blue and pink and orange sky extending for hundreds of kilometers in every direction. Your eyes water; your heart swells. The vastness of it all!

To your surprise, a small table sits at the viewpoint arranged with clean linens, two wine glasses, and a bottle of uncorked Chardonnay. Your guide stands there, grinning and proud of his surprise. This moment, this country, and the two of you: it couldn’t get more romantic.

Here’s Why Tanzania Might Be the World’s Most Romantic Place to Travel.

Fact: Couples who travel together, stay together. But how about travelling with your lover, partner, husband or wife to Tanzania, one of the wildest, most adventurous places on Earth?

If waking up together at midnight to reach the 19,341-foot summit of Kilimanjaro spells romance to you, read on. If romance to you is witnessing a cheetah run down alone gazelle during your morning Serengeti game drive, read on. And if you define romance by taking a sunset dip together in the Indian Ocean before indulging in a seafood dinner and drinks at your Zanzibar beach resort (seriously, who doesn’t?), read on.

Tanzania is where couples go to take their love and commitment to the next level. To show this, we’re listing 7 love-stoking experiences that illustrate why this place is the most romantic destination in the galaxy for the adventurous, go-big-or-go-home types of lovers.

1. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon.

Ever thought a balloon could make you cry with joy? Get ready because for each sunrise, hot air balloons take flight in the middle of the Serengeti National Park. This opportunity is in a romantic class of its own. Looking out over the never-ending beauty of the Serengeti (the name literally means “endless plains” in Maasai) is perhaps the most romantic thing anyone can do, anywhere. It’s also a great proposal venue; just don’t drop the ring!

2. Overcome Africa’s Highest Mountain.

Mount Kilimanjaro towers over the African continent like a sleeping giant crowned in glaciers. For many, to hike up this non-technical volcano is a life-bucket list experience. For couples it’s a unique experience that’ll bring your invariably closer. To be in the elements for a week (how long does it take?), to share a tent and support each other through acclimatisation, all of it infuses your relationship with a deeper appreciation for life and love—mountains tend to do that. Here are ten facts about our beloved Kili.

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3. Make a Bonfire in the Middle of the Serengeti

Taking your love to East Africa is truly the stuff from Out of Africa. It’s the material movies are made of, the kind of romance you dream of. But when your lover passes you the binoculars because she’s spotted wagging warthog tails in the bush, then you know this is real. This is living fully, true shared experience. At the end of safari game drives, with Easy Travel you return to drinks, dinner, hot tea, and even a prepared campfire set under a trillion stars.


4. Access Cozy Accommodations for Any Budget

From basic offerings to luxury resorts, safari accommodations are about as romantic as it gets. With Easy Travel you can cozy up in your own private bush bungalow surrounded by a symphony of the Serengeti. Here’s a look at one of our recommended luxury camps, Camp, part of the exclusive Asilia Collection. After a long day of wildlife viewing, take refuge in style and comfort with the love of your life.


5. Navigate Colorful Markets and Tribal Crafts

Of the more than 120 official tribes in Tanzania, this cultural tapestry mirrors the rich biological diversity found in this vast landscape. A great introduction to learning about the interrelationships between people and place here is by spending time in the village markets with your partner. You’ll discover indigenous art and crafts, handcrafted jewellery, fabrics and textiles to splash colour into your shared life back home. Arusha is a great place to start. Here’s a guide on what to do in Arusha.

6. Celebrate Your Love Through Food

One of the best ways to learn about another person (and another culture) is through your stomach. Researchers have recently found that eating the same foods together builds trust. In Tanzania, you’ll find trust-building cuisine ( Traditional Food Of Tanzania). You’ll sample fine soups and meats, fresh vegetables and fruits, and you’ll never be too far away from the national staple ugali.


7. Enjoy World-Class Beaches, Snorkelling, and Scuba Diving

At this point, the words Romance and Zanzibar are practically interchangeable. This island paradise feeds off love, and for good reason. With powdered sugar for beaches, turquoise warmth of an ocean, friendly locals and flawless accommodations take your loved one to Zanzibar and score some mega points in the “I do” category (if that’s what you’re going for…).

Bottom Line?

Go now. Pack a bag, grab your partner or spouse’s hand, and take a journey to Tanzania this year. Life is to be lived fully, it’s always better when shared, and it’s best when shared in one of the most wild and romantic destinations out there. So go now!


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